A truly Rockstar Designer.

I'm Alberto Sosa aka Kaiser, a Freelance Visual/UI Designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have more than 2 decades in Advertising and Interactive, working with brands from A to Z. I’m currently working successfully at my home-office for regular clients from the States. And with really competitive rates for them thanks to the Argentinean peso-US Dollar exchange. Today you can hire a truly Rockstar for a much lower cost than a Junior Designer in your town.

'Off-Shore'? There's no 'shore' between us.

I’m not across the ocean. Not even in another continent. The Time zone here is UTC/GMT-3 hours, so I'm always a couple of hours behind you and your deadlines. You can reach me all the time trough Email, Skype, Whatsapp, SMS or any other platform, just like your closest people.

If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

If you’re looking for creative contractors by rate, you’ll end up paying a lot more when you have to re-do the job. I have expert level in Adobe suite and I'm really fast solving Visual Design tasks, so I will spend less hours of your budget. But when I need a cost-effective chop-chop markup I’m used to work with the same vendors like you.

inhouse designer? working with the best is better.

When a creative reaches a high level of expertise, he doesn’t want to be part of a company but to run his own projec`t. Many successful agencies in the market were founded by them. But there are many experts that don’t want to be your competitors but your vendors. I’m one of them: I’m an award-winning web designer with a wide experience and a huge portfolio that you can hire remotely and for the same cost than an inhouse junior designer.

a town like yours with people like you.

Buenos Aires is very similar to your town. We have a very strong European culture thanks to all the immigrants that settled down here. Buenos Aires is the American tourists’ favorite South American city and we have a high level of talented professionals. We have breakfast at Starbucks and lunch at McDonald’s like any busy worker but we eat organic food at dinner :) When you think about hiring a freelancer, it’s important that he is used to work with those same brands in markets and cultures similar to yours.

this is my thing.

This is a tiny collection of Flat UI Design and unfortunately I'm not allowed to showcase more due to signed NDAs. But I think is good enough to show you my magic :) If you want to see more please send me an email and I'll be glad to share other projects and prices with you and/or your team in a non-public environment.

Need help? Hit me up!

I have a huge expertise in UI/UX work for Fortune 500's companies and their Creative / Visual Concepts, Web Projects, Landing Pages, Apps, UIs or any kind of Visual Design in Photoshop format. Finally google "kaisersosa' or browse my 2002-2012 Work with 10 years of client's projects- if you want to see a wide range of visual solutions.

And thanks for your time!
Have a niceone, Kaiser

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